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Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards a truly global career.

Well we arrange internships for people who want to gain quality work experience in one of the fastest growing democracies in the world. Our internship in India program is highly specialised and gives intended applicants great exposure to the Indian business culture and Indian Customs and Traditions.

Our programs are developed to help you further your career prospects. We donít treat every incoming intern the same way and we have a career counsellor on our panel who guides people as to what all options would take them where. We are not really in the business of arranging internships but really want to help people make careers. We understand that a 3-4 year degree amounts to nothing if you canít find a job of your choice. We have come across thousands of graduates who finish a degree and then find out that itís not what they wanted to do in the first place. Then there are others who really donít know what to do but succumb to peer pressure and are forever running from one thing to the other.

Our internships give you the real world experience, in a country which is truly going to become an economic superpower in the years to come and hopefully help you find your passion in life. Our host organisations are very helpful and you can also as a part of your internship in India program add some other courses to your internship project at a very minimal cost. The cost of education in India is 1/4th the cost in some of the developed countries.

We hope you choose to do your internship through us and give us an opportunity to help you progress further in your life. Even if you are not ready now, we request you to visit India once, through us or through someone else, but please do visit India, because the place can touch you in a way that you can then forever remain untouched!